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Demand Planning

Arkieva provides a full suite of demand planning solutions designed to help you proactively sense, shape and respond to demand in a profitable and timely manner.

Increase Customer Delight

In a perfect world, your demand planning would end whenever you are done with your internal demand planning process and publish your final consensus plan. Unfortunately, that’s far from reality. Marketplace changes happen and sometimes in the most unexpected ways, leading to the need for a quick response and re-planning, to reduce disruptions to your customer experience.

Create One-Centralized Demand Plan

Arkieva gives you the tools needed to not just quickly re-plan but to also predict possible changes before they occur. Arkieva Demand Planner Software is an integrated demand planning software solution that makes it easier to collaborate, track performance and forecast demand using the best demand forecasting methods.

Build One Centralized Demand Plan that enables a proactive response to market changes, interactive collaboration, and a continuous improvement process.

Arkieva One-Plan Demand Management Process

Arkieva provides all the essential tools for creating a synchronized demand process.

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Use the Smart Forecast Modeling engine to proactively predict demand.

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Collaborate with cross-functional teams with the Arkieva Workbench.

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Track the right forecast metrics using embedded dashboards.

See a Product Tour of the Arkieva Demand Planner

Plan proactively, trace changes, harmonize collaboration across different groups.

See a Product Tour of the Arkieva Demand Planner

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Arkieva Users Experience an Improvement in Performance and You Can Too!

17 %

Higher perfect order fulfillment

20 %

Increase on-time shipments

15 %

Reduction in inventory

90 %

Reduction in stock outs

35 %

Cash-to-cash cycle trim

Fully Embedded Solutions for Responding to Demand Changes, As It Happens.

Dynamic Demand Analysis

Demand & Product Segmentation

Answer Pressing Demand Planning Questions

Create a more structured way for managing your product/service portfolio with demand segmentation using the Arkieva Demand Analyzer. Easily segment and rank your customers or products using ABC classification. Identify your top 20% customers and products to quickly make distinctions on when to increase customer service levels.

Life Cycle Management

Easily Manage Your Product Life Cycle from Introduction to Obsolescence

Create an agile Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) process with the Arkieva Demand Analyzer. Develop new product forecasting models to help you better estimate demand for new products and implement best practice strategies for transitioning products throughout the product life cycle stages.

Arkieva demand planning software displayed on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone

Flexible Demand Sensing & Shaping Solutions

Sales Prediction

Predict Your Next Customer Order

Powered by advanced predictive analytics, the Arkieva Sales Predictor provides the tools needed to sense demand and improve near-term demand signals. Gain visibility into untapped sales opportunities and increase your revenue earning potential with sophisticated demand data analysis and sales prediction features.

Social Sensing and Analysis

Track, Analyze and Align Your Customer Sentiment

Products may suddenly increase in popularity (or go viral), and you may find yourself scrambling to meet the increase in demand. The Arkieva Sentiment Analyzer is an easy to use analytical solution that aggregates social media conversations into actionable insights.

Causal Forecasting

Determine the External Factors that Impact Your Forecasts

The Arkieva Causal Forecasting Analysis solution goes beyond traditional and internal forecasting factors by considering external macroeconomic indicators that are relevant to your business. Create a measurable, pain-free macroeconomic forecasting process to stay ahead of the curve.

Promotions Planning

Discover the Impact of Promotions on Your Demand Plan

Running promotions to increase sales is an essential part of the demand shaping process. Arkieva Promotions Planner provides powerful forecasting analytics tools for quickly aligning your promotions with your demand. Discover which promotions yield the best return on investment.

Arkieva demand planner with callouts for finance, sales and marketing, C-level execs, retailers, suppliers and planners

Optimized Demand Planning & Performance Management

Automated Forecasting and Demand Modeling

Empower Your Team with a Better Baseline Forecast

The Arkieva Smart Forecast Modeling Engine gives planning teams access to 100+ forecasting methods and uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to generate the best-fit forecast. You also have the option of letting the Arkieva Smart Forecast Modeling Engine automatically process and pick the best method with the right parameters.

Collaborative Forecasting

Avoid Forecast Collaboration Nightmares

Stop the cycle of manual forecast input tracking, lack of cross-group communication and uncertainty on which inputs are hurting or helping. The Arkieva Demand Planner is equipped with essential features for building a standardized collaborative demand planning process across your organization.

Demand Scenario Planning

Incorporate Uncertainties to Create a Better Plan

Embrace inevitable uncertainties and incorporate them into existing with plans with the flexible scenario planning features of Arkieva. Powered with a fast in-memory database, evaluate likely scenarios with inputs of key constituents and create a best-fit plan looking at possible scenarios.

Performance Management

Determine When Your Forecasts Are ‘Good Enough’

Stay on track with up-to-the-second demand data from the drag-and-drop Arkieva Demand Planning Dashboards that come with out-of-the-box forecast accuracy performance metrics including, MAPE, MAD, FVA, Forecast Bias, Min-Max Inventory.

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