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In a circular supply chain, waste streams become value streams. All inputs are reused, recycled, or regenerated. As product lifecycles are extended, resource use is reduced then maximized.  Supply chains are shortened. Circularity is a mindset; your technology needs to support it.  Done well and everyone benefits: your business, all people, and the planet.

What Does Circularity Look Like in Action?

The key to circularity is that there is no waste. Everything has a use and a value in perpetuity.

A circular chart showing seven phases for desiging out waste, circulating resources and regenerating natural systems
  • Identify Waste – Measure as a ratio of material in, to material out.
  • Intensify the Circles – Maximize material utilization.
  • Narrow the Circles – Reduce the number/amount of resources needed (e.g., Kaizen, Lean manufacturing.)
  • Predict – Determine when, where, how, and what resources are ready for others across the supply chain network.
  • Slow the Circles – Extend the life of your products.
  • Close the Circles – Defines the ability to source only secondary or regenerative materials.
  • Capture the Circles – Locate and transform secondary materials (e.g., ocean plastics, product takebacks).

Circularity in action:

  • Agriculture: Reclaiming gypsum from old drywall to fertilize fields.
  • Consumer Goods: Converting ocean plastic into new materials such as Lego blocks.
  • Food and Beverage: Sensors in kitchens that analyze what is being thrown out to
  • Shipping: Migrating to a rental model keeping more in circulation and reducing the need to overbuild.

Arkieva has been at the forefront of the circular supply chain for years. You can check out our most recent thoughts on the subject here.

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