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Some of you will remember our bi-monthly write ups called Doctor’s Notes. Appropriately named, they were written by our CEO Dr. Harpal Singh in hopes of sharing supply chain observations and insights. In continuation of those efforts, we recently launched the Arkieva blog. Please feel free to take a look around. On our blog page, we encourage comments, feedback and blog suggestions.


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Eye-catching Infographics

If you need a quick ‘How to’ flowchart to explain the best way to plan your supply chain, we’ve got you covered. You can also take a look at our ‘what-if’ infographic illustrating the best way to deal with future uncertainty in your supply chain.




Client Testimonials

Our client case studies highlight companies like INVISTA, Sunsweet, Momentive, INEOS and more. Arkieva has been helping companies streamline their supply chain processes, reduce inventory costs and improve their S&OP processes for more than 20 years.




Arkieva’s Features at a Glance

Our product sheets highlight the key benefits of each tool from our S&OP suite of solutions. These brief, one-page PDF snapshots provide a quick reference for their technical capabilities.




Learn More from Arkieva’s Qualified Staff

Here at Arkieva we have the amazing opportunity to tap into the minds of many veteran supply chain consultants and managers. Arkieva’s whitepaper articles cover a large range of S&OP topics, including project management tips, modern inventory planning challenges and more.




Promotional Book Offer

We have an exclusive offer to visitors of our website. Each of our books, regularly available from Amazon, is currently yours to have for free. Click here to get your copy.