Company Overview: Bakelite Synthetics, a leader in thermoset specialty resins, systems, and engineered molding compounds, has a rich history of innovation spanning over 100 years. As the company expanded, they faced challenges in managing demand planning, scheduling and capacity planning across their global operations.

Thermoset specialty resins, systems and engineered molding compounds

Challenges: Lack of Data Visibility and Responsiveness
Bakelite’s legacy systems provided limited data visibility across the enterprise, making it difficult to identify demand trends or changes in customer behavior and manage capacity utilization effectively.

Solutions: Integrated Planning Tools with Arkieva
To address these challenges, Bakelite implemented Arkieva’s demand planning and global supply planning tools, with plans to add scheduling solutions. This modern, integrated platform enables Bakelite to be nimble and responsive to market changes.

Results: Significant Operational Improvements
With Arkieva’s advanced solutions, Bakelite achieved remarkable results, a few of which include a $37 million reduction in working capital and an easier, automated management of their monthly S&OP cycle.

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