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Determining a sequence of jobs on each resource that does not violate any constraints can take hours of intense, frustrating work. Even with lots of scheduling experience, the end result is still far from optimal.

Constantly changing pressures, shifting priorities, last minute requests from key customers, material availability problems, or machine breakdowns can suddenly render all those hours and hours spent creating a workable schedule into wasted time. With substantial capital invested in expensive manufacturing equipment, why not use it as effectively and efficiently as possible?

The Arkieva Finite Scheduler is designed from the ground up to support the needs of the modern supply chain. Scheduling and distribution functions are integrated in the production-planning software, making the entire production-distribution chain visible to the end user; from shop floor to shipment schedule.

With Arkieva you get incredible power, ease of use, and the flexibility to tackle the unique problems your business faces. Like the rest of the Arkieva suite, it is designed for discrete batch or continuous manufacturing operations.

Finite Scheduler Benefits:

Tracking of many products and production activities

Increased facility utilization from improved flow of materials

Improved inventory position by better lot sizing

Faster and more reliable production scheduling

Create a schedule almost immediately with the Finite Scheduler’s ability to encode rates, initiate changeover times, create multi-level BOMs, enable routing, and employ capacity constraints

Rule-based and manual changes allow a scheduler to respond to last minute emergencies or force particular activities into the schedule

The Arkieva Finite Scheduler also offers the same powerful reporting capabilities you’ve seen in our other Arkieva modules. Creating a new report is as easy as making a few selections and clicking a button; add a graph, export to Excel, or simply save the report for later.

Technical Capabilities:

Planning grid display: Intuitive production activities display with click and drag capability to move activities around the grid

Any schedule change immediately creates soft pegs that update available-to-promise, violation, and inventory displays

Inventory problem board: Color coded display to highlight shortages or targets exceeded

Product availability report: Day-by-day inventory positions of all products along with the ups and downs in the inventory

What-if scenarios: Ability to save scenarios and answer what-if questions

Maintains a continuous time-production schedule

Synchronizes activities to maintain smooth material flow

Facilitates the modification of the production schedule to reflect changes in production yield, equipment availability, order acquisition, etc.

Evaluates the impact of proposed changes in production capability (e.g., shutdown, manpower change) before committing

Provides alerts when transactional data about the production process diverges from the schedule

Provides schedule visibility to interested parties other than the scheduler, such as the production supervisor or CSR

Supports both process and discrete manufacturing

What-if Scenario Integration

So what happens when all of the questions come? Can production be increased for some SKU to fill an important order? How would the schedule change if a different resource were used for some activity? What if we stretch this, tweak that, and compress these together? With what-if capabilities central to Arkieva’s Finite Scheduler, it is easy to answer all of these questions, compare the answers, experiment with more changes, and then revert back to the version of the schedule that balances all of the priorities most effectively.

See it in action for yourself and find out firsthand how you can get the most from your assets. Schedule a demo from the link below or ask us about Arkieva’s Project Self-Funding.

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