Rough Cut Capacity Planning Tool - Arkieva

Optimize Replenishment Planning to Align Production Capacity with Demand

Ensure that you have enough capacity and the right quantity of raw materials.

Streamline Your RCCP Process: Improve Asset Management

The Arkieva RCCP provides you with easy-to-use features for planning over a long horizon;
12-18 months typically grouped in monthly time buckets. Transform your forecasts into production capacity plans to meet your long-term demand needs with the Arkieva Rough Cut Capacity Planner. Answer key capacity planning questions including “where should I build my next plant,” to get ahead of possible capacity constraint issues.

Create Rough Cut Capacity Plans for:

  • Production
  • Shipment
  • Projected inventory
  • Key raw material purchases

Arkieva RCCP Planning Features

Quick Scenario Planning

Quickly simulate different what-if scenarios to decide when to make tradeoffs or to negotiate in the long and short term. For example, find out when an extra shift should be added or if demand shouldn’t be supplied.

Native Excel Integration

Want to view or share your rough-cut capacity plans in Excel? No problem. With the click of a button, push your data to Excel and publish your changes back to the Arkieva RCCP tool afterward.

Easy Data Visualization Tools

Use the easy Arkieva visualization tools to analyze, evaluate the impact of decisions, and create visually enhanced reports for your management or planning teams.

User Collaboration Tracking

Easily keep track of user edits, review and approve or disapprove edits using one centralized location.

Measure Plan Performance

Find out how well your long-range capacity plan is performing by measuring performance in real-time.

View Data at Different Hierarchies/Aggregates

View your planning data at your desired hierarchy level. For example, at the product family level.

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