Arkieva Customer Training Program

What is it?

The Arkieva customer training program is a customer-centric program aimed at empowering Arkieva customers with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of their Arkieva solution to solving complex business problems.

Why join?

Join the training sessions to connect and learn about the many useful features of your Arkieva solution that you may have never used before, or even knew about. Regardless of your background or expertise, we believe that this will be of benefit to you since there will be similar users like yourself from different industries at the training session.

customer training
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Connect with Arkieva Virtually

The training sessions are organized weekly and virtually. Sessions are organized for customers in the Americas, U.S. Eastern Time, and a repeat training session for customers in Europe and the Asia Pacific, Indian Standard Time.

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Live Customer Training Sessions

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Override Evaluation Report

Using Demand Analysis Composite Attributes to Create 4-Quadrant Attributes

Get an inside look at a new way of evaluating the effectiveness of overrides in your workbenches.

You can create 4-Quadrant Attributes in Arkieva using composite attributes in the Demand Analysis module. This will show you how.

America’s Time Zone

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Europe, Asia Pacific’s Time Zone

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America’s Time Zone

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Europe, Asia Pacific’s Time Zone

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America’s Time Zone

Europe, Asia Pacific’s Time Zone

San Francisco, USA (Pacific) – 8 am
Denver, USA (Mountain) – 9 am
Chicago, USA (Central) – 10 am

Sao Paolo, Brazil – 12 noon
London, UK – 4 pm
Brussels, Belgium (CET) – 5 pm

Johannesburg, South Africa – 9 am
Dubai, UAE – 11 am
New Delhi, India – 12:30 pm

Singapore – 3 pm
Tokyo, Japan – 4 pm
Sydney, Australia – 6 pm

On-Demand Customer Training Sessions

Session 1: Navigating the UI Within the Arkieva Application

Get a walkthrough on how to discover the many different features of your software and how to use it to make your work easier.

Session 2: How to Make Edits Through Workbenches in Arkieva

Learn how to quickly and effectively edit your plans in Arkieva using Workbenches, slice your data into ways to draw out important insights, and collaborate with your team.

Session 3: How to Design a Workbench and Quick Report in Arkieva

Explore the ways to select data models, add graphs, and period subtotals to your workbench through your Arkieva solution.

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Session 4: How To Filter Data in Your Arkieva Solution

This session will take you on the road to quickly filter out data, select one entry or multiple entries all through your Arkieva solution.

Session 5: How To Segment Your Customer Data Through Arkieva

Find out the ways to segment your customer data for your business through your Arkieva solution.

Session 6: Using Arkieva to Generate the Best Possible Statistical Forecast

Get to understand the ways to generate the best possible statistical forecast for your business.

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Session 7: Using Arkieva to Find the Outliers in Your Historical Data to Enable Better Forecasting

Session 8: Enhancing Forecast Accuracy Calculations Through Arkieva

Session 9: Getting Started With Arkieva Beacon

Learn how to identify and exclude outliers in your historical data for a better forecast measurement.

Discover how to increase your forecast accuracy metrics through Arkieva.

Learn how to use Beacon to manage your S&OP process.

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Session 10: Explaining Forecast Lag in Arkieva

Session 11: Making Workbench Overrides Through Excel Plug-in

Session 12: How to Make Table-editor Edits Through Excel or Data Canvas in Arkieva

Get to understand why your forecast lags in your supply chain planning.

Explore how to collect forecast overrides from sales and other traveling teams through Excel plug-in via your Arkieva solution.

Check out how to update your planning data through Excel or Data Canvas.

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Session 13: How to Avoid Disruptions in Your Supply Chain with Alert and Notifications

Session 14: How to Design Multiple Dashboards in One View for Your Planning Session via Arkieva

Session 15: Advanced Setup of Multiple Dashboards

Stay on top of your supply chain performance with alerts and notifications.

Set up multiple dashboards in one interface to help navigate through your planning season.

Learn how to design dashboards for your business to report on Metrics and KPIs in Arkieva.

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Session 16: How to Setup Drill-downs in Your Arkieva Solution

Session 17: How to Generate a Geographical Map-based Report in Arkieva

Session 18: Setting Up Company and Process Specific Documentation

Extract more insights from your supply chain data with advanced drill-downs.

Learn to report Geographical data on maps in Arkieva reports.

Get first-hand knowledge of how to establish company and process specific documentation for your business.

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Session 19: Using Agendas and Publisher to Streamline S&OP Processes

Session 20: Understanding Safety Stock & Target Stock Calculations within Arkieva

Session 21: Rough Cut Capacity Planning in Arkieva

Streamlining collaboration through Agendas and Publisher.

Learn to calculate safety stock and other inventory targets in Arkieva.

Discover how to balance your supply and demand with RCCP.

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Session 22: Managing Supply Through Rule-based Engine

Session 23: New Product Introduction and Realignments

Session 24: Machine Learning – Part 1

Understand how DRP is used to meet demand using a sequence of rules.

Using existing history to set up new products from successful planning.

Basics of Machine Learning within Forecasting.

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Session 25: Machine Learning – Part 2

Session 26: Promotion Planning

Session 27: How to Fine Tune Graphs in Workbench and Quick Reports

Understanding the impact of advanced machine learning in forecasting demand.

Managing the future impact of upcoming promotions through Arkieva.

Learn how to enhance graphs and charts in your workbench.

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Session 28: How to Build a Dashboard Off of Your Own Worksheet in Arkieva

Session 29: Discover the Latest Additions to the Statistical Forecasting Module

Session 30: How to Remove Outliers From Your Forecasting Data

Discover how to build dashboards off your own worksheet in Arkieva.

Explore recent improvements made in your stats forecasting module with the latest solution release. New additions include solutions as pick the best method, smart selection, etc.

Discover ways to remove outliers from your forecasting data sets.

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Session 31: How to Create Calculated Fields and Apply Formatting in Quick Reports and Workbenches

Session 32: Organizing the Unit-Based Approach in Your IBP Monetization Process

Session 33: Group and User Security Overview in Arkieva

Discover the fundamentals of creating calculated fields and apply conditional formatting to quick reports and workbenches.

Explore how individual decisions within your supply chain affects your IBP monetization process.

Explore the fundamentals of user and group security overview in Arkieva.

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Session 34: How to Utilize Arkieva Calendar in Your Planning Processes

Session 35: Leveraging PowerBI in Your Supply Chain Reporting

Session 36: What’s New in 5.11

Harness the power of the Arkieva calendar in your planning processes.

Discover the new exciting functionality of PowerBI in your solution.

Take a closer look as we walk through new features in version 5.11 of the software that was released in August.

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Session 37: Creating Your Own Arkieva Jobs

Session 38: Arranging Your Workflow Via Item Groups, Open With and Docking

Session 39: KPIs and Quick Reports

Superusers can create jobs in Arkieva. This session will cover the basics of how to do that.

If your operations in Arkieva are routine, learn how to set up your workspace to more easily accommodate those tasks with your own item groups and “on start” document launching, and docking techniques.

Building off Session #31, learn how to utilize the built-in functions to create KPIs within quick reports.

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There is more to get from the Arkieva Training Sessions

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Who Can Attend?

Since this is a customer event, only Arkieva users with access to the Arkieva solution can attend.

Enhance Your Knowledge

Master new ways to quickly get work done through the weekly trainings. Many cool features of the Arkieva solution that you probably may never have used before will be taught to you.

On-Demand Training Videos

To watch the recordings, you will need to sign in with your customer credentials that you use to access your Arkieva solution.

Suggest Training Topics

Suggest a topic area for our training sessions that we have not already covered here.

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Discover new features of your Arkieva solution. Get in the know about a new feature or product release in your trainings.

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