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Identify Demand Signals with Sentiment Analysis

Track, Analyze, and Align Your Customer Sentiment with Your Demand Plan in Real-Time.

Arkieva Social Sensing and Analysis

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Your Customers Are Always On.

In a perfect world, when you create your demand plan, all will go as planned — demand will always align with supply. In today’s technology-driven world, however, that’s often not the case. A new product or an existing product may suddenly increase in popularity (or go viral), and you may find yourself scrambling to meet the increase in demand. On the other hand, a negative customer review online can cause a decline in sales.

Discover the Arkieva Sentiment Analysis Solution

The Arkieva Sentiment Analysis solution is an easy to use analytical solution that aggregates social media conversations into actionable insights.

Monitor Your Customer Social Interaction in Real-time.

Make Adjustments to Your Demand and Supply Plans to Match Changes.

Sense demand in real-time.

Create a better process for tracking demand signals and sensing demand by using customer interactions shared via social media.

Give weights to social interactions.

A post by a celebrity with a million followers might mean more to your sales. Easily identify accounts and posts with the highest social media followers and shares to get ahead of possible demand implications.

Identify positive and negative demand signals

The Arkieva sentiment analysis tool assigns a sentiment score to each social media post, allowing you easily analyze and identify positive or negative drivers of demand.

Join customer conversations — as it happens.

Track keywords or hashtags that your customers are using and join conversations to better shape demand.

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How Does the Customer Sentiment Analysis Solution Work?

Track Keywords

Insert your keywords or hashtags that you’d like to monitor or track.

Analyze Results

Populate results for your chosen keywords or hashtags.

Get a Sentiment Score

Get a sentiment score for posts to show positivity or negativity.

Ask for a Product Tour of the Arkieva Sentiment Analysis Solution.

Improve your demand planning with access to customer social sentiment information.

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