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Leverage the power of the Arkieva Financial Planner enabled with our proprietary algorithmic engine to give you the insights that you need to run your business operations – so you focus on driving profitability. See the impact of revenue growth goals from scenario to profitability to demand volume to production capacity to customer service level.

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Connect teams, supply chain plans, and data through an integrated reconciliation review platform – to let you make informed decisions in real-time.

Know in Real-Time How Your Operational Decisions Affect Your Overall Corporate Strategy

The traditional supply chain is fragmented and disjointed. As a result, knowing the financial implications of your demand, inventory and sales decisions on your overall corporate strategy in real time is out of the question. This is because there is limited to non-existent exchange of information between supply chain teams and finance. Evidently, demand planners and financial controllers do not work on the same underlining volume numbers.

Move Beyond the Broken Traditional Supply Chain System

We created the Arkieva Financial Planner to bridge the disconnect between finance and supply chain teams. With Arkieva Financial Planner, you can create a robust scenario planning with complex pricing functions, and seamlessly facilitate the Integrated Business Planning while also directly supporting optimal sourcing. Create consistency across the supply chain, the business and corporate strategy.

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What is the Arkieva Financial Planner?

The Arkieva Financial Planner empowers supply chain and finance teams to collaborate better by enabling greater visibility into demand, cost-effectiveness, and volume forecast through real-time actionable insights that drives result. Our proprietary algorithmic engine provides greater visibility into granular detail on what to sell, what types of products to sell, how many units to sell, etc. – to let you know how each part fits into the whole.

To simplify and enhance the partnership between teams, the Financial Planner layers on three core competencies in:

Seamless Integration with operational supply chain planning

No matter the size of your business and the maturity of your current planning capability, your business can benefit from the visibility and detailed planning capabilities offered by the Arkieva Financial Planner.

Layer on your financials into your supply chain planning process

Define the right financial plan that
work for your business by integrating
with your already existing financial systems like Hyperion, Microsoft Systems, COP etc. with your supply chain data.

Strategize for the new sales cycle with confidence

Project sales for an upcoming
year by utilizing future data
from your financial planner
and sales budget.

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Ensure Customer Satisfaction. Accurately Match Supply and Demand.

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Monitor and enhance business performance across teams with uniform standardized metrics so you can react quickly to market volatilities

Create the right environment to re-examine and evaluate potential outcomes and effects arising from increased uncertainty on the supply and demand sides.

Advanced scenario planning

Use the What-if and Scenario Management capabilities to develop and evaluate how alternative operational options reconcile with your business financial plans and budgets.

Monetize the operational plan to financial plan

Breakout the Operational Plan from volume units into monetary values with Complex Weighted Pricing functions.

Get a better perspective on a Regional planning view vs. Global

Define your plans on a regional versus global planning to gain better insights.

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Integrate a stronger financial analysis dimension to support your Business Planning by tracking performance to goal – so you know when you are off track

Remove the skepticism out of planning and rather replace it with a stronger alignment across the organization with long-term strategic plans that gets input from every team.

Track gap-to-goal with every Sales and Operations cycle

Stay informed on how you are tracking towards your business goals through the Arkieva Order Progression report.

Near-term & strategic integration with financial tools

Integrate your existing financial systems like Hyperion, Microsoft Systems, COPA, etc. with supply chain data.

Leading indicator enabled market projections

Forecast in dollars and translate your plans into one unified Unit that teams can use.

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Enhance better visibility and participation throughout the S&OP process by agreeing on where and what financial information can be applied to the budget plan

Empower teams with a solution that automates the IBP process and allows for multiple and simultaneous departmental updates without running the risk of human errors.

In-memory workbook to manage large data sets

Employ the In-memory workbook capabilities to manipulate large data volumes without overwhelming your processes.

Harmonize your operational and financial plans

Reconcile the Operational Supply Chain, Financials and Budgets through a configurable dashboard.

Keep your finance team aware of your budgets

Push your budget estimates into your financial systems with one click and archive your previous budgets for future reference.

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How Does the Arkieva Financial Planner Work?

Manage operational risk associated with business volatility by aligning the supply chain strategy with your overall business and financial goals.

The Arkieva Financial Planner uses a proprietary algorithmic engine to analyze numerous of non-supply chain related finance data to share a comprehensive detailed cost and pricing information with other teams. The Arkieva statistical module generates volume forecast to predict how much your business can sell based on historical data.

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Ensure Customer Satisfaction. Accurately Match Supply and Demand.

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