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Measure and Improve Your Demand Forecast Accuracy

Track the right metrics that are important to your business. Gain visibility into how accurate your demand forecasts are.

Arkieva Forecast Accuracy & Performance Management Solution

Discover Your Maximum Forecast Accuracy Level

Your forecasts are always wrong. The only way that you can improve forecasts is by tracking if your forecasts are good enough. It’s important to not just have the right metrics in place but also a process for continuously evaluating and improving processes after measuring results. Arkieva provides the ability to determine your maximum forecast accuracy level to help you determine when your forecasts are good enough.

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Track Key Forecast Metrics Out-of-the-Box.

At Arkieva, our goal is to make forecast accuracy measurement as easy as possible. Arkieva Demand Planning Solutions are embedded with forecast accuracy dashboards that come with a variety of forecast metrics including:

Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE)

Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)

Volume Weighted MAPE

Forecast Value Added (FVA)

Time Phased Forecast Value Add (TPFVA)

Forecast Bias

Min-Max Inventory

Stay on track with up-to-the-second demand data from the drag-and-drop Arkieva demand planning dashboards to evaluate forecast accuracy and bias of each forecast input.

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Get Access to Up-to-the-Second Forecast Accuracy Dashboards

Find Out Why Your Forecast Accuracy Is Increasing or Decreasing

Measure forecast error at any level of granularity needed for example by SKU or location. Answer pressing questions on why your forecast accuracy is decreasing.

Quickly Determine When Your Forecasts Are Good Enough

Determine if your forecasts are ‘good enough’ by comparing your forecast accuracy level with the optimal forecast accuracy level determined by the Arkieva system.

Track Forecast Metrics at Different Time Horizons

Track forecast metrics at different time horizons that align with your business goals whether it’s one-month out or 6 months out, Arkieva gives you the flexibility to decide

Easily Prioritize Your Forecast Improvement Effort

Quickly analyze your forecast errors by product or type of demand to prioritize your forecast improvement efforts.

Find the Best-suited Forecast Error Measure

With access to different forecast error measures, you can easily establish the right forecast error ranges and find the best suited forecast error measure for your business.

Create an Effective Performance Management Process

Create an effective process for communicating demand planning performance by using one system accessible to cross-functional teams that scales as your business grow

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