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Do You Know When Your Customer Will Order Next?

Knowing when a customer could run out of a frequently purchased product is valuable insight that could easily improve your bottom line. It is often guesswork and there is no easy way to know the exact moment when to call your repeat customers. As a result, your business might be leaving money on the table.A cartoon displaying a tablet transmitting information to a distribution facility

How Do You Get Ahead of This?

Introducing, the Arkieva Sales Predictor, an Arkieva standalone solution that empowers organizations to increase sales revenue by providing timely actionable analytics.

Predict Your Next Sale With Actionable Customer Insights

Powered by a statistical model that analyzes customer ordering patterns, the Arkieva Sales Predictor flags the most probable and most profitable sales lead opportunities.

This insight allows an organization to focus its sales efforts in the right direction.

Identify Real-Time Customer Insights That Work

Harness the power of customer data with predictive indicators to identify when your customers are likely to run out of a product.

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Integrate your business rules into the Arkieva Sales Predictor
to trigger key actions with customers automatically

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Traditional S&OP is Static. Respond to Market Changes in Real-Time.

Gain Some Free Time To Do What Matters

Increase Revenue. Delight Your Customers.

Gain deeper insight into your customers and focus sales efforts on opportunities that are likely to yield a higher business impact.

Identify how your open orders are likely to evolve within the next few days and weeks with next-order-forecast.

Get rid of slow-moving or soon to expire inventory through alerts to proactively reach customers who will need it.

Put an end to the guesswork and rather focus your attention on delighting your customers. Access the Runout Score to identify the right customers that are likely to buy now.

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Data Grid

A tabular view of the results of the analysis and the user interactions with those results. Presented in “Condensed” or “Expanded” view to show more or less result data. The Data Grid is helpful to view the results of the analysis sorted by attributes or quantities of interest.

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Chart Pane

A set of charts that display the historical dataset used in the analysis of a sales lead’s run-out calculations. Shows the calculated run-out dates for enhanced visualization of the historical ordering pattern and where the current date is in relation to the set of calculated run-out dates.

A graphic of filter choices displayed within a circle

Filter Pane

A set of drop-down and numerical entry filters that determine which combinations are presented for display in the Data Grid. To focus the results presented in the Data Grid to Customers / Items /Dependent Attributes of interest. Allows “Days Since” filtering for date quantities, “Contains” filters for text quantities, and “Value” filtering for run-out scores.

A graphic of customer scoring information displayed within a circle

Information Pane

For the selected sales lead, information presented in the Data Grid in a non-tabular format. It also allows users to interact with the data. Users can view result data in a non-tabular format without the “Expanded” Data Grid view. They can “Snooze” (or alter the status of) sales leads, forward them to co-workers, or publish the data to your CRM system.

A desktop displaying spreadsheet data, charts, filter choices and customer scoring

Sales Predictions Made Easy

Arm Your Sales Teams With Actionable Customer Insights

See a Product Tour of the Arkieva S&OP Management Solution

Traditional S&OP is Static. Respond to Market Changes in Real-Time.

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