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Avoid Collaborative Forecasting Nightmares

Stop the cycle of manual forecast input tracking, lack of cross-group communication and uncertainty on which inputs are hurting or helping.

Arkieva Collaborative Demand Planning Solutions

Easy, on-the-fly Changes. One Collaborative Demand Plan.

By design the forecasting process requires the involvement of many players including management, planning teams, as well as, sales and marketing. Collaborative forecasting involves collecting and reconciling information from diverse sources inside and outside the company; to create a single, unified demand plan. Naturally, this multifaceted process makes collaboration and information control quite cumbersome.

The Arkieva Demand Planner comes with a collaborate workbench feature that makes it easy for different users to share updates and create a standardized collaborative demand planning process.

Process map for demand forecasting

Use One Centralized Solution for Collaborating at All Stages of the Demand Forecasting Process.

Arkieva Collaborative Forecasting Process

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Plan proactively, trace changes, harmonize collaboration across different groups.

Cross-Group Collaboration Your Way

Collaborate Whenever. However.

You are constantly on the go. Arkieva gives you the freedom to collaborate on-the-go without been tethered to a specific location or device. Work offline or online using offline and online Excel collaboration or the Arkieva Insights mobile application.

Avoid Manual Data Reconciliation

Don’t spend time manually reconciling inputs. Gain access to one-centralized database and repository to reconcile and manage multiple users working on demand planning data. Automate and standardize process flows and procedures.

Get a Trace View of Changes

Use Arkieva to easily get a visual tree of forecasting changes that are made throughout the forecasting process. Quickly troubleshoot forecasting errors and value add during the forecast input process.

Arkieva demand planner with callouts for finance, sales and marketing, C-level execs, retailers, suppliers and planners

Track If Your Inputs Are Improving or Hurting Your Forecasts

Track helpful metrics for each level of input including, forecasting bias, MAPE, Time-Phase Forecast Value Add (TPFVA) and Forecast Value Add. Determine how good your forecast inputs are; easily compare your statistical forecasts with sales forecasts and consensus forecasts.

View Your Data How You Need it

Arkieva’s collaborative features allow forecast conversion from one view to another. With one-click aggregation and drill down features, you can easily slice and dice your data as you need it. For instance, you can seamlessly drill down on your regional forecast by volume to reveal specific industry, customer or product volumes.

Create a Standardized Process for Collaboration

Arkieva simplifies standardization of processes for collaboration. With enhanced visibility and access to one centralized database and solution for demand planning, you create a globally scalable process that can be easily replicated and controlled.

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