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A laptop displaying the Arkieva demand analyzer solution with callouts for growth, demand volatility and inventory building

Increase Customer Delight

Easily segment your customers and products according to volume and revenue with the Arkieva Demand Analyzer. Identify trends and causes of demand variability as they happen.

ABC Analysis

Perform ABC product or customer profiling on-the-fly

Increase Service Levels

Slice and dice data to uncover low-service levels.

Reduce Late Shipments

Track and reduce late shipments by 20%.

Portfolio Management

Identify and transition obsolete products proactively.

Improve Performance

Analyze key forecast accuracy metrics including MAPE and Forecast Value Added.

Easy Trend Analysis

Create dynamic views to track changing demand trends, intermittence or erraticness.

A chart modeling the curve of three products

Answer Pressing Demand Planning Questions

Create a more structured way for managing your product/service portfolio with demand segmentation using the Arkieva Demand Analyzer. Easily segment and rank your customers or products using ABC classification. Identify your top 20% customers and products to quickly make distinctions on when to increase customer service levels.

Orange: Profit – blue: Volume

Which customers are the most profitable?

What percentage of growth are we projecting?

Who should get the highest service level?

Where is the largest volatility in our demand?

Which products are the highest volume drivers?

When should we build inventory to support promotions?

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Get ahead of changing demand trends and reduce costs by identifying obsolete products.


We are here to guide you every step of the way. With the Arkieva Rapid Iterative Implementation process, we help you determine the best strategy for segmenting your customers and products to improve service levels, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Here’s Our Proven 4-Step Approach for Creating a Demand Segmentation Strategy

Customer Segmentation Volume
High Medium Low
Margin High A A B
Medium A B C
Low B C C
Sample customer segmentation categorization
A product and customer segmentation chart

Differentiating service levels based on customer/product classification

1. Customer Segmentation

Start with a 9-cell analysis categorized by high-medium-low product volume and profit margins.

2. Product Segmentation

Identify products that have a high or low strategic and operational fit.

3. Differentiate Service

Determine the right strategy for each customer and product based on the customer/product classification.

4. Simulate Impact

Eliminate guesswork by running different scenarios using the Arkieva Demand Analyzer to help you prepare for different outcomes.

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Discover new ways to analyze your demand, uncover trends and improve service levels while reducing costs.

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