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A laptop displaying the Arkieva demand analyzer solution with callouts for growth, demand volatility and inventory building

Gain a Competitive Edge

Create an agile Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) process with the Arkieva Demand Analyzer. Develop new product forecasting models to help you better estimate demand for new products and implement best practice strategies for transitioning products throughout the product life cycle stages.

Easy Product Transition

Easily re-align products, customers, and locations that are in transition.

Reduce Forecast Errors

Reduce short-term forecast errors for new and existing products by up to 40-50%.

Improved New Product Forecasting

Create dummy product codes and generate forecasts for new products.

Quickly Analyze Scenarios:

Determine the right maximum and minimum inventory levels by analyzing multiple scenarios.

Meet New Product Demand

Use New Product Diffusion Algorithms to plan supply before product codes are available.

Create Phaseout Plans

Discover products that have not sold recently to create phaseout plans.

A product lifecycle curve with milestone callouts

Effectively Manage Your Product Life Cycle from Introduction to Obsolescence.

Create a proactive product life cycle management plan that allows you to make the right product-related decisions at the right time that corresponds to the product life cycle stage.

Determine the minimum, maximum and most likely launch outcomes.

Create the right inventory strategies for all product life cycle stages.

Avoid overstating demand for new products by using estimated product forecasts from the Arkieva solution.

Quickly monitor demand changes and restrategize as a product moves through the life cycle stages.

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Increase your chances of getting your new product introductions right the first time.

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