Determining the right inventory levels involves maintaining optimal inventory buffers for your cycle, safety, anticipation and transit stocks. Additionally, businesses have to answer the question of where to keep their inventory without sacrificing customer service level targets.

Join Arkieva COO, Sujit Singh, during the second part of the three-part webinar series on the three-essential inventory management software modules for better inventory optimization.
The second part of the inventory software features series covers:

Inventory Policy Setting: using your data to identify a mismatch between demand for different types of manufacturing businesses including:

  • Make to Order
  • Make to Stock
  • Make to Negotiate
  • Assemble to Order (Postponement)
  • Target Setting: how to use the software to calculate inventory targets based on variability in demand and supply.

This is typically done using:

  • Rule of thumb based (e.g. days of supply)
  • Single Echelon
  • Single enterprise Multi-Echelon
  • Multi-enterprise Multi-Echelon