Sales Predictor

Arkieva Sales Predictor empowers organizations to increase sales by providing timely actionable analytics to maximize sales opportunities. Powered by advanced predictive models, the Arkieva Sales Predictor collates sales history, order history and customer buying patterns to recognize cross selling and up selling opportunities not immediately apparent to the sales organization.

Configurable business rules are set up to send notifications to the sales organization to trigger key actions with the customer. The notifications can be in the form of alerts to suggest different levels of action ranging from nothing to do right now to take action as soon as possible. Here are just some of alerts that the software provides:

  • Call Now: The analytics engine embedded in sales predictor evaluates whether a customer should be contacted now or later. The analysis looks at a variety of data conditions such as past variability, historical trends of quantities bought, the interval between orders etc. The engine uses this information to send users (CSRs/Sales Reps) ‘contact-the-customer-now’ alerts that they can use to call the customers.
  • Up and Cross Selling Opportunities: Based on previous buying patterns Arkieva generates a candidate list of products for cross selling and up selling opportunities. This can be based on:
    • What else did the other customers, who bought the same product, buy
    • Market Basket Analysis, by trying to determine items that are often bought together.