Businesses strive to stay competitive in a global, complex and competitive marketplace. Arkieva Demand Analyzer helps organizations make sense of what is important to the business based on historical sales, revenue and ordering patterns. Arkieva Demand Analyzer uses configurable multi-dimensional, multi-criteria analyses over millions of rows of data to identify the precious few that maximize value for the business from the trivial many. Planners can create segmentation analyses within seconds by choosing:

  • Level (product, customer or product and customer)
  • Time horizon and Level
  • Criteria (Pareto, Volatility, Intermittence, Erratic-ness, Trend)
  • Data (shipment, revenue, gross margin)
  • Performance (Forecast Accuracy, MAPE, FVA)

This sets up a framework for the entire planning process across demand planning, collaboration, inventory management and supply optimization.