Life Cycle Management

Businesses that proactively manage their product life cycles have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Planning for new products as well as end of life products can result in significant profit and improved savings by matching market expectations and mitigating inventory obsolescence. Arkieva’s Life Cycle Management module helps business plan life cycle transitions not only for their product portfolio but also for their customers (with Mergers/Acquisitions) and locations (network redesigns).

Arkieva’s Demand Analyzer module analyzes product and customer combinations to preemptively identify combinations that have not sold recently. Businesses can identify these products / customers and take necessary steps to mitigate risk. The NPI (New product introduction) module allows users to create dummy product codes, generate forecasts using New Product Diffusion Algorithms and plan supply long before the actual product codes appear in the portfolio. The Realignment module helps business transition products, customers and locations seamlessly for the purpose of planning by realigning the transactional data that is maintained in its original condition.