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Discover key areas causing disruptions or requiring improvement

When you don’t have a lot of excess inventory, you have an increase in cash flow. On the other hand, if you stock out due to too little inventory, you run the risk of losing customers to your competitors.

This inventory balancing act makes it essential for you to get your inventory estimates right, producing optimal inventory levels that reduce costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

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Reduce Excess Inventory with the Arkieva Inventory Planner and Analyzer

Gain easy, single-screen inventory visibility of any SKU (or any grouping) by location

Create multiple scenarios to determine the desired service level and inventory impacts

Easily determine re-order points and cycle stocks to avoid stockouts

Select the best-fit inventory method by comparing results from different safety stock methods

Get automatic alerts when conditions cross user-defined thresholds

See a Product Tour of the Arkieva Inventory Planning Solution

Arkieva integrates with demand, supply, and ERP data to help you optimize your safety stock levels across your entire network.

Answer Key Inventory Optimization Questions in Real-Time. Anytime.

What are the top 10 SKUs by total cash value on hand?

What percentage of total inventory investment does this location or product represent?

Do our inventory costs align with our current demand?

Which inventories are imbalanced by warehouse or region, or are in excess, overage, or slow-to-non-moving?

What are the appropriate inventory levels to carry for each SKU, and how can those numbers be kept evergreen?

How will different service levels impact my inventory investment?

See a Product Tour of the Arkieva Inventory Planning Solution

Anticipate and plan for different scenarios. Arkieva allows users to create multiple scenarios with different parameters, values, and service levels.

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