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What-if Executive Summary

Whether short-term or long-term, all plans deal with the future and therefore have a lot of uncertainty built into them. While it is a good idea to improve the plan using better techniques, it is more important to embrace the uncertainty and incorporate it into the plan. What-if planning is one of the accepted techniques to better prepare for this uncertainty. Under this technique, various likely scenarios are evaluated with the input of key constituents. Usually, a model of the business in supporting software is used to evaluate these. While this concept has been around for a while, there is no clear guideline on how to approach it. Further, inadequacies in supporting software make the whole exercise only partially effective.

To learn more about What-if Analysis, read Anatomy of a What-If by Jane Lee and Sujit Singh, watch our animated What-if video series, and view our helpful What-if infographic.

This following whitepaper, videos, articles, interviews, and infographic create a what-if planning roadmap for any practitioner.

What-if Video Series

in part one, we explain what a what-if scenario means and provide helpful examples

In part two, we explain what makes a great what-if planner
In part three, we explain what tools a what-if planner needs

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