Company Overview : Sunsweet Growers, the world’s largest producer of dried fruit, was looking for ways to drive down inventory costs, improve order lead time, and reduce transportation costs.

Food Processing


  • Limited raw material availability
  • Highly seasonal demand
  • Relatively low margins
  • Spreadsheet based tools

Solutions: Fully integrated Arkieva One-Plan S&OP Solution


  • Distribution cost per case fell flat over last 3 years
  • Asset utilization improved from 94% to 98%
  • Return to growers originally at $865/ton was increased to $1400/ton
  • Forecast accuracy improved by 20%
  • Overtime reduced from 35% to 10%


“Arkieva is beneficial even for fresh product if you have production variation and some storage time. This is the next wave of supply chain management.”

Harold Upton, Vice President of Strategic Business Processes, Sunsweet