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Supply Chain Optimization in Supply Planning: How to Develop a New Way of Thinking

Mathematical optimization can be a helpful tool when your decision-making process involves a large number of choices. Rule-based systems make it easy to understand by providing a step-by-step, traceable method. However, optimization models provide better results overall even though they are not always easy to understand. Getting a better understanding of these will require developing a new way of accessing and evaluating results.

Join Rakesh Pillai, Supply Chain Consultant at Arkieva to discuss how to develop a new way of thinking about Supply Chain Optimization. In this webinar, we will go through the following:

  • Application of models in supply chain planning

  • Rule-based systems and how they help decision making

  • Optimization models and how to work with them

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About Rakesh Pillai

Rakesh is an Industrial Engineer with experience in the design and implementation of decision support systems, supply chain operations, and project management. He is experienced in statistical analysis and implementing systems for deriving and visualizing actionable insights from data. He holds M.S. degrees in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering (focus on Operations Research and Decision Sciences) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Rakesh holds several functional certifications – CPIM, CLTD, and LSSGB and technical certifications – MCSA and Tableau Desktop Specialist.

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