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Supply Chain Management – Exploring the Self-healing
Capabilities of an Automated Supply Chain System

  • Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

  • Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm ET

While the process of fulfilling demand has been practically stable, the time it takes to deliver an ordered product relative to the time it takes to make the product keeps falling. There may be disruptions within the supply chain process that require a re-evaluation of the information available for decision-making. Several scenarios may be evaluated, and this can be time-consuming. Where possible, automation of the process allows multiple scenarios to be evaluated within a short period of time. This leads to a better and faster access to information and can lead to better decisions and cost savings.

Join Alfred Degbotse and Venkat Nagasubramanian, Consultants at Arkieva, as they:

  • Look at areas of the supply chain that have promise for automation

  • Evaluate the benefits and challenges of process automation

  • Assess the role of technologies in the automation process

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About Alfred Degbotse

Alfred Degbotse is a Senior Analytics Consultant at Arkieva. Alfred spent 20 years of his early career with IBM prior to joining Arkieva. While with IBM, he worked in areas of supply planning and business analytics. He also has numerous granted patents in Supply Factory Planning Solutions. Alfred earned his Ph.D. in Operations Research from Virginia Tech.

About Venkat Nagasubramanian

Venkat joined Arkieva as a consultant in 2017 with experience in the design and implementation of optimization models, supply planning solutions, production scheduling, and project management. He holds M.S. degrees in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (focus on Operations Research and Decision Sciences) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. In his free time, Venkat enjoys biking, playing soccer, and reading novels.

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