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Building the Business Case for Sales and Operations Planning

Making the business case for Sales and Operations planning is not always easy given that you will need to bring on board key decision-makers in your organization. How do we clearly illustrate the value that your supply chain transformation will generate for our business?

Join us in our next discussion with Solventure’s CEO, Prof Dr. Bram Desmet together with Arkieva’s COO, Sujit Singh to discuss two approaches to set up a business case for your next S&OP improvement project. Other discussion topics will also include:

  • Different approaches to set up a business case for your transformation journey.

  • How do you illustrate the value of your S&OP project?

  • How to get your management on board for your S&OP project.

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About Prof Dr. Bram Desmet

Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet is the CEO of Solventure, Strategy driven S&OP is their core value and most importantly they’re the European implementation partner of Arkieva. Besides running his own business, he is a professor of operations & supply chain at the renowned Vlerick Business School in Ghent, Belgium, and is also a guest lecturer at Peking University. In 2018, Bram published his first book which describes how financial metrics provide insights into how supply chain, strategy, and finance are interlinked; “Supply Chain Strategy and Financial Metrics”. As a follow-up to his first publication, Bram has written a second book called: “The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain” which will be released beginning of May 2021.

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