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How to Select Effective Dashboard KPIs

Justin Evilsizor is back with another insightful webinar; this time geared towards helping you find and evaluate the right KPIs for your business. This discussion will look at classic do’s and don’ts for finding the best data to drive your business benchmarks, your S&OP processes, and other reporting needs, all in less than an hour. The topics he plans to cover include:

  • Criteria for evaluating KPI for overall effectiveness and ways to modify those that don’t seem to work right.

  • Emerging consensus from industry peers regarding what KPIs are most valuable to them.

  • Too much or too little – tips on when, how, and where to hide the details that tell the full story.

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About Justin Evilsizor

Justin Evilsizor joined Arkieva as a consultant in 2011 focusing on business intelligence, reporting, and KPI development. Before joining Arkieva, he developed data tools for web-based operations. He received his master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati. In his free time, Mr. Evilsizor enjoys creating mobile apps and tinkering with his arduino.

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