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INSTANT WEBINAR – How to Avoid the Bullwhip Effect With B2B Demand Sensing.

        Join Arkieva COO Sujit Singh, as he walks through a teaching on how upstream manufacturers can use data they have right now to create more accurate forecasts, reduce inventory levels, and drive sales!

        In this webinar you’ll learn B2B Demand Sensing techniques including:

        • How upstream manufacturers can avoid the ‘bullwhip effect’ without using point-of-sale data to predict demand.

        • Using sales analysis patterns to discover your company’s current demand trends.

        • How to identify key metrics and statistics using primarily open order history data.

        • Example of how to implement B2B Demand Sensing at your upstream manufacturing company to improve forecasting results, reduce inventory levels, and drive sales.

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        About Sujit Singh

        Sujit Singh is the Chief Operating Officer at Arkieva. Sujit is a recognized subject matter expert in demand planning, forecasting, and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). He is a certified fellow in production and inventory management (CFPIM) and a certified supply chain professional (CSCP) by APICS, the Association for Operations Management. In 2010, Sujit was named as a “Pro-to-Know” by Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine. His industry experience includes work in the semiconductor, chemicals, and glass (industrial and commercial) industries.

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