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DATE: Wednesday, June 1, 2016
TIME: 7:30 – 8:30 AM EDT
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“The previous demand planning process was taking days, now everything is automatically integrated and more accurate. The Arkieva tool allows us to support our day-to-day activities in a much easier way, giving big time savings and higher efficiency.” Charlotte Hanssens, Supply Chain Manager at Unilin.

Olivier Neutens is a Senior S&OP Consultant at Solventure and is also the Project Manager for Unilin. His area of expertise and interest include Segmentation, Demand Planning, Scheduling and S&OP. Olivier has a strong background in Finance (EY) and is experienced in integrating Finance in Supply Chain.


Solventure, Arkieva’s Channel Partner in Europe, and Unilin invite you to their webinar where Olivier Neutens and Charlotte Hanssens, Supply Chain Manager at Unilin, will talk about ‘How to set up a Collaborative Demand Planning Process by using Arkieva“.

Demand Planning is the very foundation of the S&OP Process. It will provide necessary input for the other steps in the process and give insights into how the market is evolving.

However it is not easy to set up a solid demand planning process that will get everyone on board and not consume too much of their time needed for other tasks. Our previous webinar, Customer and Product Segmentation, should already help you create some focus for the demand planning process.

However, the following questions might still be very recognizable:

  • Do I need a statistical baseline forecast and should I hire a statistician to set this up for me?
  • On what historical data should I base my statistical forecast?
  • Do I only need to involve my sales team in the demand planning process?
  • How should we handle events such as big tenders or promotions?
  • Do we need to review all of our data every month?
  • How should I measure the performance of my forecast and over what time period?
  • What is the best unit of measure to use for my forecast?
  • How does the Arkieva S&OP Software Suite support all of this?

What will you learn?

  • Where do you start?
  • What are the different steps to take?
  • How can you involve other people and departments?
  • How to establish a Collaborative Demand Planning Process?
  • How to implement this in your company by using Arkieva?

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Solventure is Arkieva’s Channel Partner in Europe.

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