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DATE: Tuesday, April 26, 2016
TIME: 1:30 PM CET – 2:30 PM CET
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Yves De Backer, Group Supply Chain Manager at Nuscience Group

“Segmentation looks easy but a common challenge is a lack of buy-in and alignment with the company’s strategy. Segmenting is more difficult than companies imagine. Not only because of the changing process but also the need of a robust tooling.”Yves De Backer, Group Supply Chain Manager at Nuscience Group.


Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet

Prof. Dr. Bram Desmet is the Managing Director of Solventure. His areas of expertise and interest include Supply Chain Strategy, Integrated Business Planning and Working Capital Reduction. Bram holds a PhD in Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization. He is also Adjunct Professor at the Vlerick Business School and teaches in Supply Chain and Operations related courses in Europe, Russia and China.

Solventure and Nuscience Group invite you to their webinar where Prof.dr. Bram Desmet and Yves De Backer, Group Supply Chain Manager at Nuscience Group, will talk about ‘How to segment customers and products in B2B environments’.

Customer & Product segmentation helps to differentiate service and to realize the company’s growth strategy. A lot of companies have numerous failed attempts to achieve a balanced segmentation supported by the whole organization.

Do you recognize some of the following statements:

  • Customers are increasingly more demanding, more products and faster.
  • There is no standard service, each sales person is agreeing on different lead times, MOQ’s, specific delivery requirements, … per customer.
  • There is a ‘one-size fits all’ strategy, 1 type of supply chain, delivering the same level of services, across customer and product segments.
  • There is no clear definition of priorities. Our best customer doesn’t necessarily get the best service. It’s the one that “shouts the loudest” who gets served first.
  • In general, Sales is overpromising which automatically leads to underperforming
  • Our product portfolio seems to be ever expanding, complexity increases, leading to more inventory and higher costs.
  • Our company has followed a growth strategy: acquisitions, introduction of new products, … but the complexity seems to become a limitation on profitability and growth.
  • The range of customers is very diverse: from very high to very low, from very predictable to highly unpredictable.

What will you learn?

  • Where do you start?
  • What are the different steps to take?
  • How can you involve your management?
  • How to come to the correct Customer – Product Segmentation?
  • How does data analytics support the segmentation process?
  • How to implement this in your company?
You should definitely attend this webinar!


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