Arkieva Selection Story:

Duvel Moortgat Beer Brews an Improved Demand and Inventory Management Process with Arkieva

The Arkieva planning solution implementation will provide Duvel Moortgat with an Automated and Collaborative Demand Planning Tool to Create a More Optimized Inventory Management Process.

Duvel Moortgat is an independent family business (founded in 1871) with a distinctive focus on specialty beers. Duvel Moortgat encompasses 10 breweries: Duvel Brewery in Puurs, Achouffe Brewery in Houffalize, De Koninck Brewery in Antwerp, Liefmans Brewery in Oudenaarde, Bernard Brewery in the Czech Republic, Brewery Ommegang in New York, Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Firestone Walker in California, Brewery ’t IJ in Amsterdam and Birrificio del Ducato in Italy.

The Challenge: Growing Beer Portfolio and Complexity Leads to the Need for Improved Demand Planning.

  • Beer portfolio growth, including the number of countries and breweries, presents the need for a more flexible and collaborative cross-functional demand planning tool for marketing/sales and operations.
  • Create optimal inventory levels to help maintain beer freshness while reducing understocks or overstocks.
  • Reduce complexity by creating an integrated supply chain planning process.

“Quality is a cornerstone of the history of our family business. We aim to offer consumers top beers. To deal with the growing number of beers, countries & breweries, we have opted for Arkieva to automate and optimize our Demand Planning process with one goal: serving the freshest beer to our consumers.”

Koen Van der Taelen

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Duvel Moortgat

The Selection Journey: Choosing a Long-term Strategic S&OP Partner and Solution

After an extensive search process, Arkieva European Implementation partner – Solventure – emerged as the long-term partner for Duvel Moortgat for creating an integrated supply chain planning process. Duvel selected the best-of-breed Arkieva S&OP solution suite to enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility. Solventure’s expertise in S&OP technology implementation as well as, S&OP process improvement also aligns with Duvel’s continuous process improvement goals.

By implementing the Arkieva Demand Planner and Inventory Planner, Duvel aims to rebalance the inventory stock levels and further connect the sales and marketing with the production processes.

The team at Solventure has shown a great understanding of our needs, and Arkieva is perfectly positioned to help us navigate complexity as more consumers worldwide start to discover our specialty beers. I expect the efficiency of our planning process to improve dramatically when we move beyond our Excel spreadsheets.

Sara Claeys

Portfolio Manager, Duvel Moortgat

Arkieva/Solventure Rapid Iterative Implementation Plan

The Solution: 

Automated and Optimized Demand Planning process for serving the freshest beer

The integrated planning solution from Arkieva includes the Arkieva Demand Planner and Inventory Planner.

“Working jointly together with Duvel Moortgat, we will manage to accelerate the entire Supply Chain Planning process and bring a strongly growing company like Duvel to the next level of Demand and Inventory Planning.”

Prof. dr. Bram Desmet

CEO, Solventure

Automated Forecasting

Easy forecasting for products at a detailed product level to help better manage the increasing product porfolio

Inventory Visibility

Inventory visibility to create optimal inventory levels while maintaining product freshness due to better forecasts and dashboards

Demand Analysis

Access to a real-time demand analysis tool to enhance decision making, improve promotions planning, and increase customer service levels

One Centralized Tool

Access to a centralized repository and planning tool for  demand planning and inventory optimization across the organization

Improved Visibility

Better end-to-end supply chain visibility due to access to detailed reporting analytics and dashboards

Time and Cost Savings

Reduction in time manual planning time due to baseline statistical forecasting from Arkieva – leading to a more efficient S&OP process

Collaborative Planning

Improved cross-functional and integrated demand planning process using the Arkieva Collaborative Demand Planner

Best Practice Training

Training from Solventure Academy to ensure higher user adoption and overall S&OP process improvement

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