Supply Chain Planning Software Pricing Based on Work Done.
Not the Number of Users.

Our pricing philosophy is simple — we don’t believe you should pay for organizational growth. 

Is Your Supply Chain Management Team Growing at Rapid Speed? No Problem! Don’t Sweat it.

  • There’s no need to ‘ration’ your software access

  • We’ve reduced barriers to entry by eliminating the cost — add on new users and see quick adoption rates

Growing your business is exciting. You shouldn’t have to pay for it.

supply chain management software price

Supply Chain Management Software That Pays for Itself. Literally.

Arkieva’s self-funding approach allows you to manage risks, and get the biggest ROI as you continuously work to improve your Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. The chart below depicts a customer case where the benefits got ahead of costs early on and then stayed ahead of the costs throughout, thereby self-funding future supply chain planning improvement projects.

how much does supply chain management software cost

Here’s how  the Arkieva Supply Chain Software Self-funding Cost Analysis Works

  • We encourage users to look at the S&OP Software investment over the long-term instead of the short-term since S&OP improvements are continuous.

  • As you go along in your project, you notice that the benefits including cost savings increase over time. Subsequent phases of the S&OP project can be paid directly from the cost savings or benefits derived, making the project self-funding.

Pricing That Scales With Your Business.
Advanced Cross-Platform Features.

All Arkieva Supply Chain Planning Solutions use powerful in-memory and embedded advanced analytics to create a seamless experience. Solutions are easily configured to suit your business needs.

Disruption Prevention

Get alerts on possible supply and production issues.

Visibility Dashboards &

Track key supply chain planning metrics and easily create reports on-the-fly.

Seamless Solution

Arkieva Supply Chain Planning Solutions are integrated, making data transfer accross solutions seamless.


Arkieva supports both process and discrete manufacturing industries.

Excel, ERP &
CRM Integration

Pull transactional and customer data, export, import to and from Excel.

Scenario Planning

Robust scenario planning features with sandbox environment.

Ready to Get Started? Discover How to Self-fund Your Entire S&OP Project. 

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