Supply Chain Planning Technology Tools That Fit Your People, Your Process, Your IT Environment

The landscape of potential supply chain planning software solutions for advanced planning and scheduling (APS) can be confusing. The offerings range from high-end “promise everything” solutions to very limited point solutions. Just the prospect of evaluating all the software offerings is often a daunting task.

Arkieva software tools are an award-winning suite of collaborative, best-of-breed, fully integrated supply chain modules that can help manufacturers of all sizes realize substantial, bottom-line savings and optimize supply chain processes.

Here’s what you should expect with the Arkieva Supply Chain Planning Software Suite:

• 30-35% reduction in finished inventory
• 2-4% reduction in total variable cost
• 35-50% improvement in forecast accuracy
• 15% increase in plant utilization
• 10% increase in perfect order fill rate

Arkieva tools differentiate themselves in three key respects – they are configurable, fully integrated, and are completely built in a Microsoft paradigm.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Process With The Arkieva Full Suite Supply Chain Planning Solution

Arkieva software tools are an integrated solution set that fully support an organization’s Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) needs. Arkieva products for supply chain planning include:

  • Arkieva Demand Planner: A highly collaborative demand planning application to allow distributed teams to focus on one shared plan for the company.
  • Arkieva Inventory Planner: Arkieva inventory management features provide a current snapshot of inventory health and highlight imbalances across a network.
  • Arkieva Supply Planner (Optimization): A true optimization solution to balance the resources, constraints and costs of supply to most profitably meet demand.
  • Arkieva Replenishment Planner: Plan production and replenishment to satisfy demand and inventory targets across the distribution network.
  • Arkieva S&OP Manager: Executive-level reporting preconfigured for an S&OP process for sales, operations and finance-end users.
  • Arkieva Finite Scheduler: Execution-level scheduling tool for plant-level production scheduling.
  • Arkieva Available-to-Promise (ATP): Providing all information necessary to promise orders and give customers alternatives in time, shipping locations or substitute products.

In the supply chain management marketplace, Arkieva stands out from peer planning systems in four key respects:

  1. Configurable: All supply chain planning applications require some degree of configuration because of business rules unique to a particular company. Arkieva’s architecture has been designed to easily incorporate these rules so the planning application accurately represents your business.
  2. Fully Integrated: Arkieva tools have been developed by our team, from scratch, as an integrated decision support framework.
  3. Collaborative: Arkieva recognizes that core planning functions need to be supported with collaboration tools, so users across business functions have input and are all committed to the same plan.
  4. 100% Microsoft: Arkieva incorporates a generic database (Microsoft SQL Server), standard connectivity tools, and standard interface components. It is built around the Microsoft paradigm and integration with desktop tools like Excel is seamless.

Arkieva software solutions separate the requirements to extract data, organize this data, and provide features to end users. This unique architecture creates a tool that easily integrates with many back office systems, provides “out-of-the-box” features for planning, and enables configuration of the planning application to support particular aspects of a business.

A distinct differentiator of the solution set is that any configuration necessary is completed within the database, without requiring either work at the user interface (UI) or integration software layers. This allows companies to ensure that the solution fits their people and business processes, yet is not cumbersome or costly to manage and support.

Whether it is maximizing profitability across global manufacturing facilities, considering tiered customer service metrics for different customer classes, or determining where to store the right amount of inventory, Arkieva captures the unique aspects of your business rather than assuming your business must change to fit the software.

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