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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arkieva+ the right fit for your business? Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Learn how our SaaS solution for smaller businesses breaks the hold of Excel and gets the supply chain results you need to be competitive.

  • What is Arkieva+?

    Arkieva+ is a SaaS self-service supply chain planning tool that is designed for smaller businesses to reap the benefits that larger organizations get. Arkieva+ automates many processes previously performed manually and allows the user to get results in days and not months. There are a variety of product options so you can only use what you need.

  • What are the capabilities of Arkieva+?

    Arkieva+ supports the entire S&OP process including demand, supply, and inventory planning capabilities. With this you can use machine learning to generate a forecast plan, balance inventory, generate a replenishment plan, and ask “what-if” questions.

  • What makes Arkieva+ different from the Enterprise product?

    Arkieva+ is an “out of the box solution” that requires little technical support to be operational. Arkieva+ supports the entire planning process and is designed for smaller businesses. Our enterprise product is designed for businesses with needs for a highly customized planning solution to support IBP.

  • Is it hard to use Arkieva+?

    Arkieva+ is designed to be self-service and easy to use. Try it for 14 days and see for yourself how Arkieva+ can easily transform your planning. Click here to learn more.

  • How much does Arkieva+ cost?

    Arkieva+ has tiered pricing which begins with a 14-day trial. These tiers allow you to choose the capabilities that fit your needs. Click here to learn more about tiered pricing and the number of users.

  • What software/ERPs is Arkieva+ compatible with?

    Using our Excel template, you can integrate with any ERP. Arkieva+ has pre-built APIs with commonly used ERP’s such as NetSuite and SAP built into our product.

  • How secure is Arkieva+?

    MSFT Azure environment, GDPR compliant.

  • What do I need to do to get started with Arkieva+?

    Click here to sign up. We will review the details and get back to you within 1 business day with the next steps.

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