Not a day goes by when one does not hear about the least cost or the fastest or the optimized option. Operating the supply chain efficiently is obviously important for the success of a modern company and the ROI generated is quite significant. But is that all there is? What about an effective supply chain; one that is focused on the strategic goals of the company? One that focuses on bringing value to the customer in a way that aligns with the strategy of the company. And works on increasing the efficiencies while being aligned with those effectiveness goals.

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About the presenter: Sujit Singh


As COO of Arkieva, Sujit manages the day-to-day operations at Arkieva such as software implementations and customer relationships. He is a recognized subject matter expert in forecasting, S&OP, and inventory optimization. Sujit received a Bachelor of Technology degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and an M.S. in Transportation Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. Throughout the day don’t be surprised if you find him practicing his cricket technique before a meeting.