During our previous webinar, we used a cause-concern-consequence matrix to explain how to identify possible supply chain issues ahead of time. The next step in the implementation process is to put in place notifications and alerts that track performance metrics.

In this webinar, Arkieva Practice Director, Shankara Gurumurthy, will discuss how to create a better supply chain performance management system that measures daily fluctuations in the supply chain process using alerts and notifications.

In this must-see supply chain performance monitoring webinar we’ll discuss:

  • The difference between traditional Supply Chain Performance Management Systems (SCPMS) and contemporary SCPMS that identify the supply chain disruptions ahead of time
  • Creating barriers in the form of Alerts and Notifications help mitigate supply chain issues
  • How to better prioritize by implementing an effective Supply Chain Performance Monitoring System (SPMS) and the examples of types of alerts and notifications to monitor
  • How to Use the Arkieva Pulse Notifications and Alerts feature to easily identify, flag, review, and resolve irregularities ahead of time; giving you the tools to better align demand, inventory, supply, and finance