Have you ever wondered why some companies are better prepared to meet a rise in unforecastable demand driven by social media versus others that get surprised by a rise in sudden demand?

New product introductions often have limited demand histories to base future projections and can display both erratic and localized demand patterns. In today’s connected and always-on world, the impact of a social post can quickly and significantly impact the demand for a new product. The effects of social media on businesses especially CPG or retail is very pronounced that supply chain managers and marketing team need to closely align on tracking metrics in order to stay ahead of sudden rise and fall in demand.

To get ahead of the curve, join us in this webinar to learn more about how using what-if-scenario, we can employ a hand full of forecasting methods to best optimize demand. Other areas to touch on include:

  • How to predict sporadic demands with the help of tools in the Arkieva solution set
  • In what ways can marketing better collaborate with supply chain to provide social media sentiment as an input to the supply chain team
  • Using what-if-scenario to forecast demand to better be prepare against on foreseen demand issues