In this webinar, we’ll attempt to answer the question on forecast accuracy KPIs by looking at how to create a strategic forecast accuracy measurement process. The webinar takes a holistic approach on how to create a continuous improvement process for your demand forecasting that integrates with your entire S&OP process.

Arkieva in-house Dashboard Specialist and Supply Chain Optimization Consultant, Justin Evilsizor covers various forecast accuracy dashboard and KPI selection tips.

Discussion topics include:

  • Forecast Accuracy KPI Pros & Cons: The pros and cons of different forecast accuracy KPIs and their relationship to the entire KPI suite within your business.
  • Forecast Accuracy Measurements: Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) vs. Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE) vs. Forecasting Bias, how do those different accuracy measurements stack up against each other? How do you measure at the point of decision?
  • Choosing the best forecast accuracy method: how do you evaluate your alternatives?
  • Selecting the top forecast accuracy KPIs: The goal is to help you determine how to select the top forecast accuracy KPIs that work for your business instead of just providing a standard list of KPIs.