Unlock the Next Level in S&OP: Mastering Inventory Analysis

Is your inventory costing you more than it should? Do you find yourself frequently grappling with stockouts or excess stock? In our video on Step 2 of the Foundations to Improving Your Company’s S&OP, we delve into the critical practice of inventory analysis and uncover how it can significantly enhance your supply chain operations.

Key Issues Companies Face in Inventory Management
Businesses face several inventory challenges: inaccurate records, excess inventory costs, stockouts, balancing inventory levels and coping with demand variability. These issues lead to inefficiencies, poor decision-making and lost sales opportunities.

Discover Expert Strategies
Our video features industry experts explaining how to analyze inventory using proven methods. Learn to ensure accurate tracking, optimize stock levels, use advanced tools to manage demand, and improve supply chain visibility. Chock full of knowledge, this video offers valuable insights and tools to help you make better inventory decisions and take your S&OP foundation to new heights.