In any supply chain, matching the supply assets to the demand in a consistent, reliable, and profitable manner is a key requirement. Done effectively, it can lead to higher revenue, lower costs, alignment with company objectives, timely decision making, as well as job satisfaction with the planner. There are many approaches to reaching this business goal of creating a robust supply plan that honors distribution, material, and capacity requirements.

Join us as Joseph Amalesh, Consultant at Arkieva, discusses how to create supply plans based on a sequence of rules that makes the decision-making process fast, effective, and intuitive.

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About the Presenter: Joseph Amalesh


Joseph Amalesh is a Senior Consultant at Arkieva with more than 10 years of consulting experience enabling supply chain digital transformations to drive growth and improve operational efficiency.  He has expertise in Integrated Business Planning and all facets of core supply chain planning including demand planning, inventory optimization, distribution and production planning, and S&OP.

Joseph received a B.Tech. in Industrial Biotechnology from Anna University and earned his M.S. in Industrial and Information Systems Engineering from the University of Tennessee.