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Company Overview: Two-thirds of the fabrics from Propex Fabrics’ manufacturing become backing materials for the carpet industry, and the rest are industrial fabrics used in applications ranging from furniture and bedding to civil construction. Senior managers joined forces to address the need to improve and leverage the supply chain for a competitive advantage, integrating Arkieva’s software for maximum profitability and efficiency.

Synthetic Fibers

Challenges: Managing the complexity of global supply chains, including sourcing raw materials, coordinating manufacturing processes, and ensuring timely delivery amidst fluctuating demand and market dynamics.

Solutions: Once processes and metrics had provided clear improvements and gains, the team moved to institutionalize and grab further gains with the use of advanced planning tools. This led them to implementing Arkieva’s Collaborative Demand Planner to support the organization. Arkieva’s Inventory Planner helps make sense of the numbers and stock trends across the network.

Results: Arkieva’s tools have given Propex a competitive advantage in the industry by lowering inventory by 35% while slightly improving customer service levels, which hover above 98%. With the right processes, people and tools, Propex Fabrics is positioned for continuous improvement.


“Arkieva’s a great fit for us because we advance in phases. We’re building internal competence here, not just rolling out software, and Arkieva’s solutions can be applied incrementally to support this philosophy.” – Frank Slaughter, Manager Production Planning & Scheduling, PROPEX