Company Overview: Poppies, a global supplier for sweet bakery products, is rapidly expanding and needs to focus on their S&OP management to support their growth. Poppies Bakeries looked to Arkieva and their implementation planner, Solventure to assist them in optimizing their sales and operating planning (S&OP) and supply chain processes.

Global supplier for sweet bakery products

Challenges: According to Nic Dufoort, Poppies’ Supply Chain Director “Our main goal is to change our S&OP course gradually, to maintain the sturdiness of our current processes.  With the current demand uncertainty in our business though, along with fluctuating costs, government interventions and sustainability concerns, we need to have patience and not change our way of working too fast.”

Solutions: Through Arkieva’s tailored approach, Poppies has a customized advanced planning & scheduling system (APS) to precisely align with their operational requirements. This collaboration enabled Poppies to swiftly identify discrepancies and make proactive adjustments, ultimately enhancing forecast accuracy and optimizing inventory management processes.

Results: Arkieva’s intuitive dashboards empowered Poppies with real-time insights, facilitating seamless communication and decision-making, particularly with sales teams. This partnership extended beyond software implementation, evolving into a strategic alliance aimed at driving continuous improvement in supply chain operations.

Pick a partner that knows your business and has the APS that fits your needs.”

Nic Dufoort, Supply Chain Director, Poppies