In today’s competitive marketplace, to continuously delight your customers and increase your profitability, you need to proactively sense changing marketing trends to respond quickly to fluctuating market demand. How do you gain a competitive advantage in your product life cycle management process?

Learn how to take charge and manage your product life cycle with the Arkieva Life Cycle Management Solution. Join Arkieva COO Sujit Singh, during this interactive webinar session to explore ways to reduce the time spent on marketing for new products, and identify ways to create a phaseout plan for your end-of-life products.

Here’s what will be covered during this webinar:

  • Become familiar with how to discover products that have not sold recently
  • Find out how to create dummy products codes and generate a forecast for new products
  • Learn how to use new product diffusion algorithms to plan supply before product codes are available
  • Explore how to re-align products, customers, and locations that are in transition
  • Experience how to improve your forecasting and better manage seasonal products