Cost-to-Serve not only creates a factual way to identify where and how cost is incurred through the Supply Chain network. It also creates new opportunities for optimizing the network.

The biggest value is generated by analyzing the Cost-to-Serve and profitability metrics. This is achieved by integrating logistics operations and transactional data to create an integrated supply chain process for better decision-making. Discover how Arkieva helps businesses model different business-to-consumer cost while improving customer service levels.

Join us to learn more about how:

  • Arkieva is helping customers improve logistics Performance with the right KPIs: Unplanned trips, LTL, inefficiencies milk-runs, mode analysis (CC vs. fleet), Transport mode efficiency, and Performance by ship method
  • To use the Arkieva Integrated Planning Solutions to determine the right inventory levels to keep at different distribution plants, and run different scenarios to create the best-fit plan
  • The biggest value is generated by connecting cost-to-serve and profitability metrics
  • How to implement enhanced production planning to create better materials sourcing to increase cost savings by avoiding expedited delivery costs