In a fast-paced S&OP process there are plenty of checkpoints and often too little time to validate the wide range of variables. Planners prepare numerous gap-closing scenarios, but to be truly effective these plans need to be converted to the language of senior management – impact on costs, revenue, margins, etc. This requires real-time feedback on financial implication of any volume change and the ability to quickly validate the assumptions and risks associated with it.

In this webinar, we will explore the various levels of financial integration within the S&OP framework as it relates to the maturity of the organization. A healthy S&OP requires continuous monitoring and reconciliation of the operational business plan against both budget and strategic plans across planning hierarchies.

This webinar would be useful if you’ve ever wondered…

  • How to collaborate across teams (especially finance and supply chain) on one set of numbers.
  • How financial impact of price volatility affects your key raw material?
  • How planning needs to be done in dollars with other measurable units.
  • The impact due to currency Fx, launch delays, mix changes, cost & prices changes, etc.
  • If S&OP process runs on ‘auto-pilot’ mode?
  • How to get timely & high-quality information – flowing bottom up?
  • If there are other solutions that can assist in your business operations.