Inventory management software solutions today, are often equipped with the features needed for supporting a streamlined Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process that reduces the need for excess inventory. Benefits of using an inventory management software include better visibility across the supply chain, a reduction in your warehouse and operational costs, as well as, an improvement in service levels.

Join Arkieva COO, Sujit Singh, during the first part of the three-part webinar series on the three-essential inventory management software modules for better inventory optimization.

The first part of the inventory software features series covers:

  • Visibility and Analytics: using data analytics to discover answers to key inventory visibility questions including:
  • How much inventory do I have?
  • Which locations hold the most inventory?
  • Where and when was the inventory produced?
  • What is the inventory velocity?
  • What inventory is dead, excess, risky, stable, forecastable?