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Inbound Logistics: E-Commerce Fulfillment – No Pain, No Gain


In this Inbound Logistics article, you will learn about Arkieva customer, Escalade Sports, how their result of implementing an end-to-end solution for demand, inventory, and supply chain planning, and sales and operations management. Escalade Sports has reduced SKU count by 18% and improved item level forecasts by 26%.
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As many companies have learned, the supply chain shift from traditional channel models to dynamic, difficult-to-forecast e-commerce fulfillment requires a good mix of thought leadership, time, and technology—things Escalade Sports took to heart when it started to evaluate what a digital supply chain transformation project would entail.

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, Escalade Sports, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Escalade Inc., manufactures, imports, and distributes 47 different sporting goods brands in the basketball hoop, archery, dart, billiards, indoor and outdoor game recreation, and fitness product categories. The United States is the primary market for the $200-million company, but it does have a small portion of international sales as well.

Although Escalade Sports produces some of its products at manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Florida, Illinois, and Iowa, it works with between 60 and 70 contract manufacturers in China for many other items. As it sources more of its production overseas, the company has seen manufacturing and shipping lead times climb from 40-50 days to about 120 days.

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