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Arkieva Certification Program

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Arkieva has partnered with Credly, a digital credential platform, to empower our users and partners to continue their training and education of the Arkieva platform and its capabilities.

Through various types and levels of training, users can show off their skills by sharing the badges they earn.

Please complete the form below to request more information on a specific training certificate or identify a program you have completed and need verification of certification for. An Arkieva team member will be in touch.

View the full list of available training certificates.

credly logoAbout Credly

Credly is a digital credential platform that allows individuals and organizations to track, recognize, and communicate verified achievements. Credly integrates with hundreds of applications that are used by employers, associations, and schools.

Credly allows users to create and share digital badges. These badges are online representations of skills or achievements that can be shared with others.

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