Company Overview

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A Consistent Focus

Arkieva, formerly known as Zemeter, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software solutions enable our clients to more profitably plan demand, manage inventories, optimize supply, and schedule production. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Arkieva tools have been used in more than 200 unique applications around the globe, and most of our clients leverage Arkieva software to support collaborative planning teams in North America, Europe, and in Asia.

Arkieva advanced planning tools fully support a company’s S&OP needs, integrate easily with most ERP systems, and are currently used by manufacturers worldwide in multi-user, cross-functional environments.  Arkieva tools are 100% Microsoft and address the unique planning needs of your business.  Polymers, chemicals, semiconductors, glass, dried fruit – Arkieva clients are diverse, yet share a common need for a robust, scalable solution that fits their people, processes, and IT environments.

The Arkieva Difference

Global manufacturers select Arkieva planning applications for the following reasons:

  • Standard features for planning are available out-of-the-box, and Arkieva’s architecture enables all Arkieva products to easily fit the unique processes that define competitive advantage in your supply chain.
  • Arkieva solutions are 100% Microsoft and replicate the look and feel of Microsoft desktop products, including Excel.
  • Arkieva implementation services are iterative and throughout any given project confirm the validity of data, fit of the solution, and accuracy of the results.

We call this “Rapid Prototyping,” and this reduces any black-box aspect of the planning tool.

These differentiators have resulted in consistent success.  In fact, since 1993, we have never had a single failure in delivering a client planning application.

Arkieva Software Solutions

Arkieva tools support the full range of needs for Sales and Operations Planning and include:  Collaborative Demand Manager, Inventory Planner, Inventory Analyzer, Supply Planner (full optimization),  Replenishment Planner, S&OP Central, and Finite Scheduler.