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Arkieva Director of Analytics to Coach at the World Championship of Analytics Applications


The yearly INFORMS Edelman Competition is acknowledged at the world championship of applied analytics – the first competition occurring in 1971.  In December, INFORMS selects six finalists for the competition in April. Dr. Ken Fordyce, Director of Analytics at Arkieva has been selected to coach the Walmart team which used reinforcement learning to set pricing decisions to optimize inventory.

He has been a coach before and twice been part of teams that were Edelman Finalists. Dr. Fordyce noted this year’s competition makes the breadth, depth, and importance of “analytics without borders” to improve organization performance through better decision making.  Applications range from the use of AI to schedule robots for filling orders to optimization methods to schedule trains.

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About Dr. Ken Fordyce

Dr. Ken Fordyce is Analytics Director at Arkieva and an expert in quantitative analysis without borders and semiconductors. He joined Arkieva after completing a 36-year career with IBM that included being part of the team

which developed and implemented the IBM Operational Framework for Supply Chain Planning (OPS) whose business value and innovation was recognized by IBM and INFORMS with major awards. He received similar recognition for one of the first real-time dispatch systems (LMS) developed, which incorporated pioneering work in data science. In addition to this work, he has been an adjunct faculty member at Columbia University and an active member of INFORMS and MASM. He holds an MS in Operations Research and a Ph.D. in Administrative and Engineering Systems from Union Graduate College.

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