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WILMINGTON, DE – February 1, 2018 – Arkieva, a leading provider of supply chain planning software for manufacturing companies, today announced the creation of a Sentiment Analysis Dashboard to track Super Bowl fan excitement levels.

With offices in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington DE, Arkieva, a 25-year old supply chain software company, has a long-standing history of creating planning software solutions that help manufacturers plan to better meet demand. As part of this offering, Arkieva offers a Sentiment Analysis tool that allows businesses to track product and customer sentiments from social media websites such as Twitter.

Building the Super Bowl Sentiment Analysis Tool

The team at Arkieva set out to prove or disprove that Philadelphia Eagles fans are more excited about the Super Bowl than the New England Patriots fans. To do so, they created a dashboard for tracking the sentiment of team fans using the company’s existing technology for tracking social sentiment.

“We wanted to use our social sentiment analysis tool in a different form. Our customers often use our social sentiment tool to help better sense demand in the marketplace so that they can plan accordingly. For our Super Bowl Sentiment Analysis, we employed the same technology for tracking keywords relating to the Super Bowl and the different teams. It’s been fun, tracking the sentiment scores and fans that seem to show more excitement according to our sentiment analysis tool,” says Hellen Oti-Yeboah, Marketing Manager, Arkieva.

Sentiment Scores

The Arkieva Super Bowl Sentiment Analysis Tool assigns a score to each tweet received for tracked keywords or hashtags, and then, assigns a positive or negative sentiment score based on the tone of the message. The sentiment scores rank from 0.1 – 0.9. The closer you get to 1.0, the more positive the message is deemed.

Determining the winning team for each day

The rules to win the excitement level challenge using the sentiment tool is as follows:

  • A team had to reach the mark of 1000 posts within the given day
  • And should have a sentiment score of 0.6 and above

Arkieva Sentiment Analysis Tool for the Super Bowl #SuperBowlExcitementChallenge



About the Arkieva Customer Sentiment Tool

The Arkieva customer sentiment tool allows customers to track, analyze, and align customer social sentiments with demand plans in real-time. The tool does this by assigning a positive or negative sentiment score to each social media post allowing supply chain planners and marketing departments adjust to changing market demands. To learn more visit:

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