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Spotlight Session on Preventing a Disruptive Supply Chain Process for Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Industries


Disruptions within the supply chain are almost inevitable. For Pharmaceutical and Bioscience businesses, a disruption in the supply chain process can be extremely costly. The Risk Mitigation themed DelawareBio event on September 19, 2017, features discussions from supply chain leaders in the BioScience and Pharmaceutical Industries. Arkieva COO – Sujiit Singh will add on to the discussion by presenting a Spotlight Session titled “Watch the Signals! Improving Supply Chain Visibility – an Early Warning Approach”

Supply chain performance measurement and monitoring are essential to reducing disruptions in the supply chain process. However, traditional supply chain performance measurement often takes a passive approach to tracking metrics. The typical supply chain dashboard aimed at improving supply chain visibility often reflects a weekly, monthly, or quarterly snapshot of the current sales & operations planning (S&OP) process, hence, making it difficult to monitor daily fluctuations in the supply chain process.

Sujit Singh

Discussion topics include:

  • Set up better performance monitoring and management by identifying causes, concerns, and consequences
  • Identify and implement early warning signals to prevent possible supply chain disruptions and help mitigate risk
  • Improve supply chain visibility across the four-main supply chain performance areas of finance, delivery, supply, and external factors like environmental hazards or geopolitical issues

“After-the-fact firefighting activities within the supply chain process can be a high-ticket item for any manufacturing business. To create a process that looks ahead and is more preventative in nature, there is the need to implement a supply chain monitoring system that helps you identify early warning signs ahead of time.” Commented Singh, on the topic of early warning for the Bioscience industry.

For more on Sujit’s expert view, best practices, strategies, and tips, see you at the DelawareBio Supply Chain Summit. Be sure to stop by our display table to learn more about the Arkieva early warning S&OP solutions.

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